Human Driver: Stability & Innovation


CREATOR brands are inherently non-conformist – common characteristics include being innovative, creative, free-thinking, inspirational and talented.

Famous CREATOR examples include Elon Musk, James Dyson, Heston Blumenthal and Steve Jobs.

If your business creates something of enduring value or helps others to be more creative then the CREATOR archetype might be a good match for you.

The CREATOR archetype is typically associated with finding opportunities for imaginative solutions and thinking ‘outside the box’.

Brands who adopt the CREATOR archetype may provide the ability for people to express themselves or help people dismantle old structures to create new ones.

Businesses who focus significant time and resources on research and development, innovation and beauty could be a good fit for the CREATOR archetype.

The Creator - Key Facts


If you can imagine it you can do it

Also Known As

Artist, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Visionary

Why People Love You

You show them new ideas that they never dreamed possible


To bring a vision to life

Human Desire

To create something meaningful

Brand Values

Imagination, Uniqueness, Originality, Ingenuity

Brand Behaviours

Creates imaginative solutions

Brand Characteristics

Talented, Innovative, Creative, Free-thinking, Inspirational

Famous Creator Brands

Crayola – “Crayola’s mission is to help parents and educators raise creatively-alive kids and the company is dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion through our products, our people, and by inspiring creativity and self-expression for children and adults around the world.”

MAC – “MAC cosmetics was founded with a creative vision to fill the gap between makeup artistry and fashion photography”


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