Why You Should Be Tracking Your Net Promoter Score

The simplest and most under-rated brand health measure?

✔️ Net Promoter Score


In my experience, massively under utilised as a really helpful tool for marketers.

When I supported a large estate agent with marketing, they were all over this measure and tracked it monthly.

It gave them a pulse check on:

🟣 what customers were feeling
🟣 whether staff were living up to promises
🟣 whether they were trending up or down.

Mostly they were trending up. 📈

Largely because simply by tracking it monthly, they were automatically instilling a customer first mindset. 🧠

And the best thing?

It’s simple, free and easy to do in-house. 🤷🏻‍♀️

No expensive research fees required.

Are you tracking your Net Promoter Score?