The Outlaw Archetype

Human Driver: Mastery & Liberation

The Outlaw Archetype

The OUTLAW archetype is good for brands which produce products that destroy something (like a bulldozer or a video game!) or that offer products or services which are genuinely revolutionary.

Famous OUTLAW characters include Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood and Rambo.

This archetype could also work for brands that help to retain something which is threatened by new philosophies or attitudes.

Typically, brands who embody the OUTLAW archetype are moderately priced.

Remember when mass marketing to your customer base not to cross any lines that could damage your reputation – most people identifying with this archetype are actually responsible citizens.

In summary, Outlaw brands may:

  • Exist in an industry where people are tired of the status quo
  • Are outspoken, loud or opinionated
  • Sell products that destroy something (literally, virtually or figuratively)
  • Are genuinely revolutionary
  • Protect or promote threatened values or pioneer new ones
  • Represent sex, alcohol or social change
  • Have products that aren’t good for people or that allow people to reject societal norms or niceties.
The Outlaw

The Outlaw - Key Facts

If your business identifies with values that are at odds with the 'establishment' or you appeal to customers who are disaffiliated from society, then the OUTLAW archetype could be a good fit.

The Outlaw's Motto

Rules are meant to be broken

Also Known As

Rebel, Maverick, Gambler, Reformer, Activist

Why People Love The Outlaw

You challenge the status quo & speak up when others don’t


To change what isn’t working & inspire others to do the same

Human Desire

To liberate

Brand Values

Self-reliance, Non-conformity, Candor, Audacity

Brand Behaviours

Disrupts & Challenges

Brand Characteristics

Fearless, Assertive, Provocative, Unapologetic, Polarising

Famous OUTLAW Brands

VIRGIN: “At Virgin, we’re known for challenging the status quo and shaking up markets, while championing people and the planet.”

DIESEL: “Pushing the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle, offering a portfolio of global brands to a new breed of consumer – those who challenge traditional perceptions, preferring to embrace fashion on their own.”

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May Be At Odds With:  The RULER, who values Stability & Control.

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