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Sometimes, you just want the job done. And done right, first time.

I work with a small number of clients 1-2-1 to deliver brand and marketing initiatives.

Most of my clients are struggling with the same issues:

  • Marketing never gets done – it’s low on the priority list
  • Or it’s ‘ad hoc’ and based on guess work or gut feel
  • They often have no strategic marketing plans in place
  • Or they may have a perception that marketing ‘doesn’t work’ or is a waste of money based on previous experience
  • Often they’re stuck in a tactical loop – trying different social media posts or emails – without any real understanding of what marketing is
  • Sometimes, I work with teams who are already half way through another brand or marketing project who are stuck.

When you work with me 1-2-1, it’s a unique approach, tailored for you.

  1. We discuss your challenges and where your business is today.
  2. We review your goals together and work out how we’re going to get you there.
  3. Then I create a logical, actionable plan, that’s fits with your marketing budget and that can be implemented straightaway

Take a look at the testimonials below from a number of my other SME Marketing Consultancy clients

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SME Marketing Consultant: Sarah Lambley
Sarah's unique ability to identify and leverage market trends has kept us a step ahead of our competitors. Her strategies are not only inventive but also practical and results-oriented. She has a keen sense for understanding our clients' needs and translating them into impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with our target audience. Ian Preston, MD Preston Baker
It's great to work with someone who is passionate about wanting to understand our business and the people who work in it. Sarah, goes the extra mile to do both. Her need to ensure a deep understanding of our business mean when she makes recommendations I know they are right for the business. The messages are the ones that if we had the skills we would make ourselves. Flexible, adaptable and with positive energy she has made a positive impact to our marketing strategy and presence in the marketJune Lancaster, MD Asset Wisdom
"We at the NPP Group worked with Sarah last year on our rebrand and really understanding the psychology behind our business and marketing. Understanding those connections and understanding our client base properly rather than just diving into the next marketing fad was 100% money and time well spent. If you’re thinking about improving your marketing I’d highly recommend working with Sarah on that plan and see where she can help you. Experience and knowledge like hers is hard to find."Mike Aspinall, Founder & CEO Northern Property Partners Group
I've been working with Sarah over the last 6 months, she has been an invaluable support in developing and shaping our sales activation strategy, Really getting under the skin of how we connect sales and marketing to ensure we're driving forward in 360 customer activation strategy. Developing a data strategy to support measuring effectiveness across the team, with the impact we are having with our customer partners. Jacqui Youlden, Commercial Director, Craster Ltd
"Sarah's expertise paired with her valuable insight helped progress, clarify and cement A&O IT Group's brand strategy. Taking a cross-section of our business Sarah ran a series of focused interviews and questionnaires which provided a much deeper level of insight than we've ever had before. The next part of the project was focused around evolving our company mission, vision & values and brand archetypes. When it comes to brand archetypes, Sarah's knowledge is second to none."Hilary Allen, Head of Marketing, A&O IT Group

Examples of SME Marketing Consultancy projects recently delivered for my clients

  • The successful re-positioning of an existing product and a brand new product launch for an aesthetics business
  • Marketing plan review and evaluation for a construction company
  • A customer research programme for a DIY retailer
  • A sales and marketing integration project for a B2B business in the hospitality space
  • Writing a marketing plan for a management consultancy business
  • Developing a content marketing strategy for an online training company
  • A brand strategy review for a SaaS business
  • A brand archetypes workshop for a growing tech company
  • A personal brand review for a fitness brand owner
  • Review of a marketing team structure including roles and responsibilities for a large B2B organisation
  • Website review and transition to WordPress for a training consultancy
  • Video storyboard creation and brief for an organisation in the wedding industry

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SME Marketing Consultant Testimonial

SME Marketing Consultancy: Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering whether consultancy is right for you? Take a look at my answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Why should I hire a marketing consultant?

Good question!

If you are having marketing success and you have a strong team in-house with great knowledge, you shouldn’t!

I’m not in the business of trying to sell you something you don’t need.

But if you agree with any of the statements below, it’s probably worth at least an initial phone call.

  • Marketing is often at the bottom of my ‘to do ‘list
  • I/We don’t have time to really focus on marketing
  • All our business comes from referral so I worry about what happens if the referrals stop
  • I have all these marketing ideas in my head but don’t know where to start
  • We have high staff turnover in marketing
  • We struggle to hire the right marketers with the right skills for our business
  • We don’t have a formal marketing plan in place
  • We’ve never done any customer research
  • We’re spending money on marketing activity but not seeing the benefit
  • Marketing isn’t a very commercial role – it’s more of a ‘colouring in’ department
  • Marketers don’t understand how to sell or how to report meaningful numbers

What does a small business marketing consultant do?

There are lots of SME marketing consultants and agencies out there.  Not all are equal.

A good marketing consultant will do the following:

  • Understand your business
  • Help you to map the market
  • Develop your segmentation & targeting strategy
  • Create a marketing plan which covers positioning and messaging
  • Help you to grow your business and make more money
  • Help to make marketing a commercially focused discipline within your organisation

How much do you charge for marketing consultancy?

I offer various packages but will also quote for specific work following an initial conversation.

Here are some examples:

  • Copywriting and content creation = From £600 + VAT
  • To mentor your existing marketing team = From £750 + VAT
  • To run a research programme = From £1,500 + VAT
  • To write a marketing plan = From £2,400 + VAT
  • To establish your brand strategy and create a brand pack = From £3,500 + VAT

Book a call so we can discuss your specific requirements

What if I need help but I have very little budget?

I understand – it’s difficult when you’re running a smaller boot-strapped enterprise.

I offer a couple of affordable options for those not wanting to invest too much initially.

My SME Marketing Academy offers training and limited 1-2-1 support on a monthly basis for £100 + VAT per month

I also offer “Power Hours” where you can pick my brains for £190 + VAT and pay by the hour.

Book a call if you’d like to explore either of these options.

An SME Marketing Consultant with Real Insight

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