Marketing Support Packages for Client Side Marketers

The reality of being a client-side marketer

Running a busy marketing department can be hectic – trust me, I’ve been there.

I’ve worked as the only marketer in smaller organisations

I’ve been a marketing leader managing a team of 30+.

And sometimes, you just need A LITTLE HELP!

If you’d like friendly support, on your own terms, read on to find out more about my support packages.

Personal Brand Owner

Can you answer YES to any of the following questions?

  • If you’re the sole marketer in your business, do you often feel overwhelmed by competing requests and priorities?
  • Are you trying to develop a strategy but keep getting pulled into the tactical?
  • Perhaps you run a marketing team and you’re so busy with the day to day, it’s almost impossible to take a step back and look at the bigger picture?
  • Maybe it’s been a while since your last opportunity for learning and you’re questioning or doubting your own capability? (Which is totally normal, by the way!)
  • Do you find yourself trying to develop your strategy even though you’re surrounded by a senior team with conflicting opinions?
  • You may be frustrated that as the only qualified marketer in the business, you don’t have anyone at the same level to bounce ideas off?
  • Or, you could be struggling to provide an enthusiastic, less experienced team with the upskilling they need?

You’re not alone!  These issues are typical and consistent with the enquiries I receive weekly.

They also resonate with my own experiences – having been a client side marketer for most of my career, I’ve seen it all!

I’ve put the below packages together with all these issues in mind. Take a look or get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation.

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Brand Consultancy

**Gain Brand Clarity**

**Quickly Identify Barriers to Brand & Business Growth**

**Establish A Solid Plan To Grow Your Brand & Business**

From £3,950 + VAT

My strategic planning package will give you the insight and understanding that you’ve never had before – and the weight of my experience when it comes to growing a brand and business.

My job is to make you look good!  And help you to quickly identify the answers you need to put a plan in place with immediate effect.

This package includes:

  • Brand Healthcheck
  • Online Questionnaire & 1-2-1 Interviews with Staff & Customers
  • Brand Archetype Definition
  • Mission & Purpose Recommendations
  • Target Audience Insights
  • Positioning Recommendations
  • Debrief Presentation (Usually Via Zoom)
  • Action Plan

If you need a boost to get some momentum behind your brand planning (allowing you to take care of the day to day), get in touch for a no obligation call.

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Strategic Brand Planning
"Sarah's expertise paired with her valuable insight helped progress, clarify and cement A&O IT Group's brand strategy. Taking a cross-section of our business Sarah ran a series of focused interviews and questionnaires which provided a much deeper level of insight than we've ever had before. The next part of the project was focused around evolving our company mission, vision & values and brand archetypes. When it comes to brand archetypes, Sarah's knowledge is second to none."Hilary Allen, Head of Marketing, A&O IT Group
"Sarah's knowledge and industry experience makes her a natural leader and mentor, with her attention to strategic business objectives being at the forefront of any team's objectives."Laura Robinson, Owner, Laura Robinson PR


**Upskill Your Marketing Team**

**Have An ‘On-Demand’ Strategic Sounding Board**

**Grow Your Brand & Your Business**

From £750 + VAT

I provide the thought leadership and strategic insight needed to help set you and your marketing team on the right path.

We get together several times a month to discuss your challenges and priorities.  Then I support you with advice and my expertise and help to hold you to account to get stuff done!

In many other professions, we don’t expect the expert in the business to be the expert on EVERYTHING.  HR Directors regularly have employment law expertise on speed dial!  Finance Directors regularly get support from Accountants or Strategic Consultants.

So why do we expect Marketers to know EVERYTHING??

With this service, no marketing topic is off limits.  You could call it your emergency helpline!

Here are some example issues I’ve supported with recently:

  • Advice on how to structure and deliver a critical presentation to the board
  • Advice on how to conduct a research programme
  • Advice on how to successfully exit an agency relationship that’s no longer working
  • An independent audit of agency capability
  • How to manage a successful agency tender process
  • Identifying barriers and resolutions when a critical web development project stalled
  • Sales & Marketing activation planning

Why not let me have 30 minutes with you to see if a little bit of support could go a long way for you and your team?

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Marketing Mentoring
"Sarah had a rare gift in being both strategic and hands-on - she was a key player in forming our overall strategy and direction and she could also deal with the day-to-day implementation of those plans."Reuben Barrett, Entrepreneur

The SME Marketing Academy

**Upskill Your Team Through Online Training**

**Ensure All Team Members Have The Same Understanding of Brand**

**Establish A Solid Plan To Grow Your Brand & Business**

Subscription to The SME Marketing Academy includes:

🎓 12 core modules – taking you through the core principles of marketing

🎓 Methodologies, tools and formulas broken down into digestible lessons

💡 Monthly Q&A with Sarah Lambley FCIM CMktr

✉️ Email support for marketing emergencies or burning questions

⛑️ Regular presentations and clinics with a wide range of marketing experts – covering everything from research to copywriting

🧑‍🎓 Access to the SME Marketing Academy community

💷 The option to buy affordable reduced rate consultancy by the hour when a little more support is required

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"Sarah's knowledge and industry experience makes her a natural leader and mentor, with her attention to strategic business objectives being at the forefront of any team's objectives."Laura Robinson, Owner, Laura Robinson PR

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