8 Brand Strategy Myths

During any brand strategy work I always insist on speaking with a number of different individuals within an organisation – not just the marketing team.

And when I have conversations with people in operations, sales and admin teams I regularly have to dispel common myths about brand.

Often, people are reluctant to be part of the brand planning process as they don’t feel it is relevant to them!

So today’s post of #wednesdaywisdom is all about myths vs reality when it comes to brand planning.

Myth #1 – I don’t need a brand, there’s only me

Whether you think about yourself as a brand or not, you are one.

Having no brand strategy, even if your business is just you, means you will miss out on building a consistent long term relationship with your ideal clients. If you show up inconsistently, you’ll look like you have multiple personality disorder!

Even if you’re a solopreneur there is more money to be made from building a strong brand.

Myth #2 – We’re too small to worry about brand

Being small doesn’t stop you from being interesting.

All big brands were small once, they had to start somewhere!

Building your brand will allow you to make emotional connections with customers and prospects that endure.

And the best way to grow bigger?

Show up consistently in every way possible and reach out with a powerful story.

Myth #3 – Brand is just logos and colours

Design is actually a really small part of any brand.

In fact, I usually call it the icing on the cake.

Yes, when you think of the big brands you immediately think of their colours and logos, but that instant recognition is reward for years of building and telling a consistent brand story.

Telling people who you are and why they should care is the first step in that process.

Myth #4 – Brand is just the fluffy bit of marketing

Brand strategy is harder than it looks!

And when done properly, it touches EVERY aspect of your business and people.

Your brand can and should impact or support critical commercial decisions – such as pricing, for instance.There’s a reason people pay more for branded goods and services.

And brand strategy also gives you a purpose, a reason for being, a ‘why’ – something which will be invaluable for recruiting and motivating staff.

Myth #5 – Brand is the responsibility of the marketing department

This is a common myth – I often hear operations people or even sometimes the sales people saying ‘we don’t do brand – that’s the marketing department’.

When I hear this, it immediately sets off alarm bells.Brand isn’t something your staff can just pass on like a task.

Brand is EVERYONE’S responsibility in your organisation. A strong onboarding process that features your brand heavily is critical in setting expectations around brand behaviours and representation.

Myth #6 – Brand is separate to your business culture and values

Brand is part of your organisation’s DNA -you should expect your marketing and HR teams to be totally aligned on this.

Your company purpose, vision and values should be intrinsically linked with your brand. They should be totally integrated and seamless.

The strongest brands are ruthlessly consistent and they achieve this by aligning the two most valuable things in the business – the people and the brand.

Myth #7 – Brand guidelines make everything too rigid and inflexible

Your brand guidelines should contain everything a person could possibly need to know about your brand.

Brand Archetypes as a methodology will give you a framework for every aspect of your brand with some flexibility.

However, visual guidelines should be more rigid if you want to become instantly recognisable.

Nike & Coca-Cola didn’t get to where they are today by allowing staff to ‘freestyle’ with their brand identity!

Myth #8 – Brand strategy takes too long, we just need to get some more marketing out there

This is the business equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

You may be desperate for more sales leads, but what if it’s not the lack of marketing causing the problem?All too often, without a clear brand strategy, organisations are unfocused in their messaging and communication with customers.

Imagine how powerful it would be if everyone in your business was engaged and mobilised behind a common purpose?


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