Are You An Accidental Marketer?

I’ve made a 20+ year career out of an ‘accident’!

I started as a journalist and segued into marketing via copywriting.

Many of my clients are accidental marketers too.

I regularly work with Marketing Execs & Managers who started out in other areas of a business.

They proved they are a safe and capable pair of hands, and when the opportunity to move into a marketing role came along they took the chance.

On the other hand, I know plenty of ‘reluctant’ marketers too.

In smaller businesses they somehow find themselves picking up responsibility for marketing alongside their sales or customer service role.

So here’s my best piece of advice for any ‘accidental’ or ‘reluctant’ marketers out there:

💡 Get yourself some proper training and support. 💡

Marketing is so much more than one type of advertising.

So much more than social media.

So much more than emails and fancy brochures.

Marketing is a huge discipline.

The best way to succeed in (and enjoy) a role you didn’t plan to be in?

Get the right support and training.