Marketers! Know Your Numbers!

Here’s the No.1 question I ask all my new coaching clients.

What are the most important numbers in your business❓❓

Often, the marketing team don’t know [!] or they’re focused on the wrong measures.

Click through rate and social media engagement are all well and good but these are just a guide to tell you a little bit about the tactics you’re employing.

They don’t tell you about the commercial success of the business.

Make sure you are on top of the right numbers. Daily.

Marketing is first and foremost a commercial discipline.

If you don’t know the most important numbers you can’t make the important marketing decisions.

And if you’re a CEO of a business and your marketers CAN tell you how many people opened the last email campaign but they CAN’T tell you how many products or services you sold yesterday – they need some coaching. Drop me a DM. 📝