Marketing Support For Small Businesses

Marketing Support For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who feels like they’re drowning in marketing?

Chances are you’re also a wary of hiring an agency or a consultant to help because of the financial commitment involved.

I offer flexible marketing support for small businesses by the hour – no long term commitment, no tie ins, no minimum monthly retainer.

Read on to find out more about my “Power Hour” service.

Marketing Support for Small Businesses - Testimonial

Introducing my ‘Power Hour’ service

The most flexible way to get marketing support for your small business.

Using my 25 years experience working within and for SMEs, I can help you shortcut your marketing efforts.

Instead of the trial and error that often comes with marketing, let’s work together to get to the right solution faster.

  • It might be that you’re not completely sure what you need.
  • Or how to get the right message in from of the right potential customers
  • Maybe you don’t have a marketing plan
  • Or you want professional advice on your existing plan to check they are fit for purpose
  • Whatever your question or challenge, a lot can be achieved in a power hour Zoom session.

There is no commitment, no retainers so there really is no risk.

Things I can help with during our ‘Power Hour’ together:

  • Advice on marketing strategy
  • Reviewing your communications planning
  • Recommending an approach to lead generation
  • Introducing you to other experts with specialist skills within your price range

If you would prefer to use the ‘Power Hour’ for me to work on a specific project, I can do that too.

I’ve recently supported clients during Power Hours with:

  • website updates
  • blog content
  • LinkedIn content strategy
  • webinar creation
  • sales pipeline / funnel review
  • customer research

Marketing Support for Small Businesses - Testimonial 2

Marketing Support for Small Businesses that really works – don’t just take my word for it!

Here are some lovely testimonials from my amazing clients, all have worked with me during Power Hours in the past, some have gone on to become long-term clients.


“Sarah is diligent, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly! She has been a fantastic marketing mentor. Not only has Sarah been helping me with my brand plan, but she has helped me with many areas of digital marketing. I recommend working with Sarah as she will turn you into a marketing expert!” – Alice Braden, Capability Consulting

“Sarah has been supporting our business for a number of weeks and has radically changed our marketing for the better. She is great to work with, taking time to understand the business and the messages we want to get across to our clients, both current and potential.” – Kate Appleyard, Owner, Apple HR Support Ltd

“Flexible, adaptable and with positive energy she has made a positive impact to our marketing strategy and presence in the market place. Thanks Sarah great work” – June Lancaster, MD, Asset Wisdom Ltd

“If you’re thinking about improving your marketing I’d highly recommend working with Sarah on that plan and see where she can help you.
Experience and knowledge like hers is hard to find.” – Mike Aspinall, CEO, Northern Property Partners 

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Sarah Lambley Provides Marketing Support for Small Business Owners

How I’m different to other marketing consultants

I’m a generalist marketer.  That means I have years of experience working across ALL aspects of the marketing discipline.  Take a look below at just some of the brands I’ve worked on during my career.

As one of my old bosses once said:

“Sarah had a rare gift in being both strategic and hands-on – she was a key player in forming our overall strategy and direction and she could also deal with the day-to-day implementation of those plans. I was very lucky to have someone as talented and versatile as Sarah as part of my team”Reuben Barrett, MD, Coalters.

I’ve worked within and for SMEs, so I know the pressures you face – often you’re struggling with both time and resources.

I’m efficient and with so much experience I’m able to make things happen quickly.

That’s why I offer marketing support that’s flexible – I will work around you, for as little, or as much time as you want.

It’s the perfect solution for marketing support for small businesses.

Brand's I've Worked On

Brand’s I’ve Worked On

Being a generalist marketer takes away the agenda for a specific tool or tactic.

Remember, if you speak to a car salesman, they’ll try to sell you a car.

If you speak to to an SEO specialist, they’re going to recommend SEO.

If you speak to a social media guru, they’ll recommend more social media activity.

I’m channel neutral.

Unlike many consultants who are specialists in one area, I won’t try to push you in a specific direction.

I can recommend all or none of the tools in the marketing toolbox, depending on what’s going to work best for you.


From one small business owner to another

I’ve also run more than one of my own small businesses.

I will only recommend things that I would be prepared to do myself in the same situation.

When it’s your own money you’re investing, it’s a very different conversation and I get it.

I’ve had to make some difficult decisions on where to put my marketing spend in the past, and it’s not always easy.


Small Business Marketing Support

What about Marketing Support for Small Businesses with an in-house marketer?

I work with many clients who want to provide their junior staff member with some strategic marketing support and guidance.
Sometimes small business owners want me to evaluate their in-house marketing capability.

And I’m well qualified to do so.

During my 25 year career:
  • I’ve held almost every role in the marketing discipline: Global Brand Director, Marketing Communications Director, Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Executive, Account Director, Account Manager, Account Executive
  • I’ve led teams of 2 and teams of 30 & I’ve been the sole marketer in an organisation
  • I’ve interviewed over 200 marketers for roles & many more for research purposes
  • I’ve hired and trained over 70 marketers & sales people
  • I’ve been an external mentor to in-house marketers since 2019
  • I know how it feels to be slightly overwhelmed and unsure how to add the most value

Why do I offer the “Power Hour” service?

I know there’s a big marketing knowledge gap for SMEs.

I know, because I know these businesses – I’ve worked in them and for them.

I know how the marketers think and feel because, I’ve recruited and mentored them – and I used to be the one providing marketing support for small businesses in-house!

Most training out there tends to be specialist and isn’t 1-2-1.

I want to raise standards in the discipline at SME level by providing the kind of support I would have wanted when I was the sole marketer in an smaller business.


Marketing Support for Small Businesses - The Power Hour is £150 + VAT

How does the ‘Power Hour’ service work?

It’s really simple.

I charge £150 + VAT for every power hour you book and you simply pay as you go – no minimum spend required.

If you only need one hour, that’s totally fine!

You can book your Marketing Power Hour following this link.

The booking form asks you a few questions about what you’d like to get from the hour long session.

Then we meet over Zoom and get straight to it!



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