Working With Marketing Agencies Requires Work

Would you pay a window cleaner to come every month, but never check or notice if they actually visit?

Would you just assume that they’d been because the windows look clean enough?

If you haven’t actually seen them come to your property and clean the windows, how can you be sure that they:

a. do a thorough job
or b. even turn up at all?

I work with clients reguarly who are paying marketing agencies monthly for work that they never see, review or inspect.

How crazy is that?

But it’s a real thing.

Small businesses are often so busy juggling everything, wearing many hats, that they outsource some aspect of marketing to a 3rd party and then think the job is done.

And do you know what happens?

They don’t get the results they want.

If the agency is any good, they’ll get frustrated.

If the agency isn’t any good, they’ll eventually just keep taking the money and doing the bare minimum.

And after about 6 months, the client, having not engaged with what’s been going on, will suddenly be reminded they’re paying out monthly for a service that they don’t think they’ve seen any results from and will give the agency notice and go looking for an alternative provider.

And then repeat the same process over and over again.

Until someone like me steps in and calls out the madness!!!!

***This is a Public Service Announcement***

Agencies DO NOT and CAN NEVER know your business as well as you do.

They are not telepathic. They can only work with the tools they’re given.

If you don’t give them any tools, they won’t do a good job.

If you don’t have the time to engage with and support your agency with whatever you’ve asked them to do, then don’t work with one.

Otherwise, you may as well just set fire to a load of money and watch it burn.