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Discover your brand advantage with my tried and tested brand planning methodology.

If you are a...

* seasoned marketing professional
* brand owner looking to accelerate brand clarity & growth
* junior marketer ready to expand your marketing knowledge & capability

Then you’re DEFINITELY in the right place!

Archetypes are like a secret recipe that most marketers and brand owners either haven't come across or if they have, they've rejected it without really understanding the value of the concept.

Archetypes will help you to discover a brand's soul, its reason for being, and for this reason you'll be able to make authentic connections with customers.

If you're totally clear about why your brand exists and what your brand stands for you will be able to mobilise your whole team towards a common purpose.

With highly motivated customers and highly engaged staff you'll be on a one way street to increasing market share and shareholder value.

But this course is so much more than just archetypes. It will take you through my unique brand planning methodology from start to finish, tried and tested with my clients and through 20 years of brand planning experience.

And I will be with you every step of the way - guiding you through the lessons and homework, so that you complete the course with a clear brand strategy or the confidence to create one.

The course runs over 10 weeks, with a 1.5 hour session every week.

Every student also has the chance to book in 1-2-1 discussion time with me at the end of the course. This ensures your learning and brand development is optimised as we review all the tasks you’ve completed together.

Total lesson time: 15 hours

Total individual study time to complete tasks: approx 5 hours

1-2-1 review session: 1.5 hours

Total learning hours: 21.5

Course Price: £1,250 + VAT per person

For multiple booking discounts, please get in touch.

Please note all classes will be recorded so that any students unable to attend the odd session can catch up on the material.

This course will help you to:

  • Learn how to put a brand together, right from the start
  • Launch a brand new brand and make sure it hits with impact immediately
  • Manage an existing brand when things are a little fuzzy – perhaps you find it difficult to make brand and marketing decisions or you don’t know how all your brands and products fit together
  • Embark on a content marketing strategy that works (avoiding writers block)
  • Identify inconsistencies in how your brand is represented
  • Create a brand framework so that everyone in your business knows what is ‘on brand’ and what is ‘off brand’
  • Transform your business and attract more customers through the power of brand
  • Improve staff morale by understanding how to create a culture that matches your brand.
Sarah Lambley Small Business Marketing Expert
"Sarah is a fabulous tutor! Her Brand Discovery course is packed full of useful and engaging content, and it’s wonderful to see her passion for the subject shine through. Each module is informative and well thought out, and the whole course flowed perfectly. Thank you!"Samantha Roney, Marketing Lead at Commtel Ltd

Here's what you'll learn on Brand Discovery.

Part 1 - Brand Basics & Planning

This introductory module will cover the concept of branding since 2000 B.C, where it comes from and how it has evolved to be what it is today.

But we won’t just cover what a brand is, we’ll also be clear about what a brand isn’t.

Then we’ll discuss the modern day concept of brand management and how that came into being.

Part 2 - Brand Diagnosis & Proposition Writing - Part 1

Brand congruence is the most overlooked concept in brand management and a common area that needs focus.

We’ll cover what we mean by congruence and how we apply it to your brand.

Then we’ll begin to introduce the concept of brand diagnosis, how to conduct qualitative research and how to write a clear and compelling proposition.

Part 3 - Brand Diagnosis & Proposition Writing - Part 2

In module three we’ll re-cap propositions (it’s a big topic!) and look at real world examples.

Next we’ll discuss your brand story, its significance and how to craft something compelling.


Part 4 - Archetypes & Brands

This module covers the power of archetypes in branding. 

We’ll cover the importance of brand stories and authenticity.

Finally, we’ll introduce the 12 Brand Archetype families and their human drivers.

Finally, you’ll complete the brand archetypes quiz and determine the most relevant archetype(s) for your brand.

Part 5 - Trying on Identities

We’re halfway!  We’ll look at some real brands and examples of archetypes.

Next we’ll discuss which archetypes you’ve shortlisted for your brand and I’ll teach you a tried and tested method of ‘trying on’ different identities before you make your final selection.

Finally, we’ll explore the difference between archetype and personality and why you must not confuse the two.


Part 6 - Values, Vision, Mission & Purpose

Now we’re really starting to put the theory into practice.

We’ll look at the relevance of brand and how marketing teams should be interacting with HR / People teams.

We’ll explore different approaches to defining values.

Then we’ll start to review the definitions of Vision, Mission & Purpose, why they’re important and how to write them.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to apply your archetypal identity to these foundations.

Part 7 - Brand Strategy & Brand Models

Module 7 will ask whether you know the difference between your brand pyramid, triangle, ladder and circles!

What do we mean by brand strategy and brand models?

This section covers different brand attribution models.

You’ll develop your own brand ladder and complete my brand discovery chart.

This section includes my unique, downloadable Brand Discovery Template.

Part 8 - Target Audience Vs Personas

This section examines the difference between target audience and personas with some specific examples.

You’ll learn how to write colourful personas and why you need to know your demographics from your psychographics.

Part 9 - Introducing Comms Planning

Now we’re ready to talk about how we take everything you’ve learned so far and bring it to life!

I’ll introduce a tried and tested method used by the big communications agencies to get to the heart of the every communications challenge so that you can deliver an effective communications campaign.

Part 10 - Creating Your Brand Pack

Finally, we’ll bring the whole thing together.

We’ll cover the purpose of the brand pack and its contents.

In this section we’ll cover communications themes and how to apply your archetype to your brand language.

You’ll have access to my downloadable example brand pack for inspiration and then completion.

Course Price £1,250 + VAT.

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