My 12 unique courses, each one covering one of the 12 archetypal families. An in depth look at what makes each archetype so unique, visual inspiration, category norms and how to blend archetypes for unique positioning. These courses are a natural follow on from my Brand Discovery course.

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Now you know your archetype, let's bring it to life!

You may have just completed my Brand Discovery course and be ready to deep dive into your individual archetype.

Or perhaps you've completed my brand quiz and you already know what your archetype is - but you're unsure how to bring it to life.

Alternatively, you may have been working on applying your archetype in your brand strategy for a period of time already, but you'd like further inspiration.

Whatever your situation, these 12 short courses covering each of the 12 archetypes will help.

If you've read this far, you probably already know that Archetypes will help you to discover a brand's soul, its reason for being, and for this reason you'll be able to make authentic connections with customers.

If you're totally clear about why your brand exists and what your brand stands for you will be able to mobilise your whole team towards a common purpose.

So what are you waiting for?!

Choose the relevant archetype from the list of 12 courses and let's get started!

I'll see you on the inside...

12 Brand Archetypes

This course will help you to:

  • Understand your brand better than ever before
  • Ensure everything you produce for your brand lands with maximum impact and consistency
  • Make better decisions about what is on brand and what isn't
  • Produce better content
  • Avoid brand inconsistencies or multiple personality disorder
  • Provide your whole business with simple and easy to understand materials explaining your brand archetype
  • Transform your business and attract more customers through the power of brand
  • Launch your archetype for maximum engagement
"Sarah's expertise paired with her valuable insight helped progress, clarify and cement A&O IT Group's brand strategy. Taking a cross-section of our business Sarah ran a series of focused interviews and questionnaires which provided a much deeper level of insight than we've ever had before. The next part of the project was focused around evolving our company mission, vision & values and brand archetypes. When it comes to brand archetypes, Sarah's knowledge is second to none."Hilary Allen, Head of Marketing, A&O IT Group

Here's what you'll learn on each of the 12 Brand Mastery Courses.

Part 1 - About Your Archetype

We’ll deep dive on your specific archetypal family.

This module will cover the overall family characteristics and then we’ll take a closer look at the subtypes within that family.

Part 2 - Brand Archetypes In the Real World

We’ll look at some real life examples – why they work (or why they don’t).

We’ll understand what happens when you don’t apply your archetype consistently.

Part 3 - Visual Inspiration

In this module we’ll discuss common visual consistencies by archetype.

We’ll cover symbolism, colours and everything that makes up your visual brand.

Finally, we’ll understand more about finding your unique visual positioning.

Part 4 - Category Norms

In module 4 we’ll understand the benefits and drawbacks of leaning on category norms.

Many categories inherently match specific archetypes – and this can be both a blessing and a curse.

We discuss how you might lean on your category norm whilst still adopting your own unique archetypal positioning.

Part 5 - Blending Archetypes

What happens when you have more than one relevant archetype?

How do you blend more than one without confusing things?

We’ll look at the alchemy involved in marrying two different archetypes together.

Part 6 - Archetypal Language

In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of language and tone of voice in archetypal branding.

We’ll write a manifesto for your brand that brings your archetype for life.

You’ll also get access to my downloadable language cheat sheet for your individual archetype.

Part 7 - Internal Communications

Finally, we’ll cover how you bring the archetype to life internally with your colleagues and staff.

We’ll look at launch ideas and you’ll get access to my archetypes launch pack.

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