Human Driver: Belonging


The CITIZEN archetype is perfect for brands that help people feel ‘affiliated’ with one another through the purchase of ‘every day’ products and services.

Brands that adopt this archetype tend to have a down to earth, no-nonsense quality that makes them seen genuine and authentic.

Famous CITIZEN characters include the cast of ‘Cheers’ (where everybody knows your name) and the main characters in the ‘The Full Monty’.

If your business helps people enjoy simple tastes and pleasures then the CITIZEN archetype could be a great fit for your brand. CITIZEN brands often may encourage teamwork, togetherness and problem solving as a group.

The CITIZEN is democratic, but not necessarily political.  It promotes the idea that ‘all men and women are created equal’.

Brands that use the CITIZEN archetype usually provide reassurance that it’s ok to enjoy the status quo.

If your business is founded on authentic, down to earth values, without pretence, then this archetype may be a relevant match for you.


The Citizen - Key Facts


We’re all in the same boat

Also Known As

Advocate, Everyman, Regular Guy/Girl, Friend, Networker, Servant

Why People Love You

You seem very real and normal. You’re ‘down to earth’


To belong & fit in

Human Desire

To connect with others

Brand Values

Hard-working, Approachable, Dependable, Community

Brand Behaviours

Develops ordinary solid virtues, displays the common touch

Brand Characteristics

Humble, Collaborative, Honest, Loyal, Practical, Friendly, Democratic, Common Sense

Famous CITIZEN Brands

GAP: “GAP mission statement is to democratize fashion and make shopping fun again. To bring incredible style and quality to families the world over .”

MCDONALDS: “Our aim is to provide a fun and safe environment where our customers can enjoy good food made with quality ingredients at affordable prices”

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