Human Driver: Independence & Honesty


INNOCENT brands resonate with people who long to have the perfect life, home, kids and partner.  INNOCENT brands promise the happy ending we all hope for and often have associations with childhood or nostalgia.

Famous INNOCENT characters include Forrest Gump and Doris Day.

If your brand is associated with cleanliness, health or virtue, then the INNOCENT archetype might be a good match for you.

The INNOCENT archetype is typically associated with simple pleasures and advertising for INNOCENT brands is often simple, uncluttered and classic.

Brands who adopt the INNOCENT archetype are all about trying to get life right, sometimes with a focus on nature or moving towards natural living.

Typically, brands who embody the INNOCENT archetype are honest, authentic and want to provide things that endure.

The Innocent - Key Facts


I’m free to be exactly who I am

Also Known As

Child, Dreamer, Idealist, Muse, Purist, Traditionalist

Why People Love You

You make people feel optimistic and sometimes nostalgic


To experience paradise

Human Desire


Brand Values

Hope, Simplicity, Innocence, Safety, Trust

Brand Behaviours

Calls for purity, goodness & simplicity by doing virtuous things

Brand Characteristics

Youthful, Optimistic, Carefree, Idealistic, Pure, Trusting, Positive, Wholesome, Cheerful

Famous INNOCENT Brands


  • “To refresh the world…”
  • “To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…”
  • “To create value and make a difference”

INNOCENT DRINKS:¬†“We might make little drinks, but we have big dreams to make the world a better, healthier place to live. That’s why we’re on a mission to be carbon neutral by 2030 (if not before), give 10% of our profits to charity and pack our drinks full of good stuff from Mother Nature.”

Related Archetypes

Archetypes which also have Independence as their human drivers – SAGE & EXPLORER.

The CITIZEN may work as a complimentary archetype for some INNOCENT brands.

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