Human Driver: Belonging & Enjoyment


JESTER brands help people to live in the moment.  They lighten the world Рoften with their wicked intellect.

Famous JESTER characters include Jim Carey, Mr Bean & Miranda.

The JESTER archetype is great for brands that perform or provide entertainment that provokes emotional engagement.

Brands wanting to adopt the JESTER archetype will need a playful tone of voice to differentiate from other established brands who may seem a bit smug!

If your organisational culture is fun-loving and freewheeling, then the JESTER archetype may be a good fit for you.

Typically attention grabbing and difficult to ignore, JESTER brands often give the impression of impulsive, spontaneous rule-breaking.

Jester Archetype

The Jester - Key Facts


Life is for living – let’s enjoy it!

Also Known As

Entertainer, Clown, Performer, Provocateur, Shapeshifter

Why People Love You

You remind them to enjoy the moment they are in


To enjoy life & help others do the same

Human Desire


Brand Values

Joy, Delight, Excitement, Energy, Fun

Brand Behaviours

To play, make jokes, see the funny side, be funny & not take life too seriously.

Brand Characteristics

Playful, Charismatic, Energetic, Mischievous, Entertaining, Magnetic, Gregarious

Famous JESTER Brands

OATLY: “If we wanted to be one of those gigantic food corporations or have some old man behind a wooden desk in a tall building make decisions for us, we would all quit our jobs and go work for an old man behind a wooden desk in a tall building making gigantic food company decisions for us.”

JESTER:¬†“Be like the Money Calm Bull and Get Money Calm.”

Related Archetypes

Archetypes which also have Belonging as their human drivers e.g. LOVER & CITIZEN.

The JESTER archetype often compliments one of the other archetypes as the provider of ‘fun’ and ‘energy’ for a brand.


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