Human Driver: Mastery & Power


The MAGICIAN archetype is good for brands that offer transformation – whether physical, spiritual, mental or commercial.

Famous MAGICIAN characters include Mary Poppins, Shakespeare’s Prospero, Walt Disney, Willy Wonka.

If your business provides transformative experiences – such as a chic restaurant, hotel or spa – then the MAGICIAN might be right for you.

If you have developed a new, contemporary product, then you should consider marketing it using the MAGICIAN archetype.

The MAGICIAN is able to influence others in highly effective ways. It’s for this reason that this archetype is commonly used by marketing related businesses – advertising is the ultimate form of influencing.

Typically, brands who embody the MAGICIAN archetype are medium to high priced.


The Magician - Key Facts


It can happen!

Also Known As

Alchemist, Engineer, Innovator, Scientist

Why People Love You

You’re a visionary who can transform situations & things


To make dreams come true

Human Desire

To transform

Brand Values

Thinking big, influencing change, amazing people

Brand Behaviours

Drives change, develops a vision and lives it, finding win-win outcomes

Brand Characteristics

Charismatic, Self-Aware, Intuitive, Transformative, Visionary, Magical, Mysterious

Famous MAGICIAN Brands

CANVA: “Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.”

MASTERCARD: “Unlocking possibility. We reshape the digital economy so everyone — individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses — can realise their ambitions.”

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