Brand Discovery LIVE is back in September 2022!

After a successful 10 week run earlier this year, I’ve re-opened enrolment for my Brand Discovery LIVE 10-week course!

If you want to…

*Upskill Your Marketing Team**

**Ensure All Team Members Have The Same Understanding of Brand**

**Establish A Solid Brand Plan To Grow Your Brand & Business**

…you need to think about taking my course!

Here’s what recent graduates had to say about the course:

“Sarah is a fabulous tutor! Her Brand Discovery course is packed full of useful and engaging content, and it’s wonderful to see her passion for the subject shine through. Each module is informative and well thought out, and the whole course flowed perfectly. Thank you!”


“I’d just like to say a huge thank you. The way you explain everything is clear and engaging. Your passion is infectious and made the course super enjoyable! Every session was an eye opener and I came away every week feeling exciting and motivated.”


“Really enjoyed every aspect of the course. – very informative, great teacher and fun as well as impactful!”


“All the way through I kept thinking ‘OMG I wish so and so was here to listen to this!’ I feel that your course was very well presented and relevant to lots of different people within a company, not just the marketing department!


“All sessions were useful, relevant and enjoyable. There wasn’t a moment during the course where I thought ‘I don’t need to know this’!”


“I love it! I think your knowledge is so valuable! I feel so lucky to be learning this stuff from a pro.”


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